Items about the webinar platform:

If you have technical problems, please click the yellow box with the question mark at the bottom of your screen for assistance.



In the center of your screen, you’ll see a window containing the presentation, which you may enlarge to full screen to have a better view of the slides – click the icon you see in the image below that is highlighted to enlarge your screen.






The window labeled Resource List, which you can access from the green box at the bottom of the screen, contains a copy of the presentation. You may download it for reference or to take notes.




For more information on the speaker presenting, please click the blue speaker box located on the bottom of your screen.




To submit any questions you may have for the speaker to answer, type in your questions by clicking the purple Q&A box located on the bottom of your screen at any time during the presentation.




To seamlessly enter the next event taking place after the one you are currently attending, at the end of the event, a pop-up window will appear with a red “JOIN US” button – click that and you will be redirected to the next event in the lineup.



**All EDI CON Online talks are recorded and are available to watch on demand. The EDI CON Online event archives can be accessed by clicking the “ON DEMAND” tab on the website homepage. You’ll also find these at the events section of the Microwave Journal and Signal Integrity Journal websites. If your colleagues would benefit from any of EDI CON Online’s events, please let them know.