Advancing 5G Energy Efficiency Through Integration

A GaN-based amplifier on its own is not enough to provide the level of performance and integration needed to support practical massive MIMO installations. Integration with driver and controller components provides the means to maximize key parameters such as linearity and bandwidth while also satisfying the need for density in a mMIMO systems.

Multichip module (MCM) integration provides the best way forward because it makes it possible to employ the advantage of specific process technologies instead of having to make tradeoffs with a single technology, such as GaN. The NXP RapidRF family of 5G modules couples the GaN-based Doherty combiner elements with LDMOS driver ICs. The design of the driver circuitry is critical as it provides the means to operate GaN devices at peak performance. LDMOS provides the best combination of characteristics to handle this function; integration on a multichip provides further improvements by helping to minimize inductance and other parasitic.

Responsiveness in the power-amplifier controller is also vital as this ensures the Doherty stages operate at performance. In the talk we will be explain how this over integration of MCM integration makes the overall 5G mMIMO system energy efficient.