Applications of Transparent Metal Mesh Nanostructures

Transparent conductors are integral components in a wide range of electronic devices including touchscreens, OLEDs and photovoltaics. However, existing transparent conductive materials have at least one or more drawbacks, such as poor mechanical stability, low optical transmissivity and low electrical conductivity.

In this talk, we will review the benefits of using nanostructured metal wire meshes, impossible to resolve by the naked eye, which can be fabricated for large area products and flexible devices in roll-to-roll fashion. META’s Nanoweb® film is one prime example of such a material. For example, transparent antennas can be seamlessly placed on windows, opening more installation space for various applications, and can be effectively decoupled from each other operating at close frequency bands. Application areas include: 5G antennas for smartphones, vehicles, RFID tags, Bluetooth antennas for wearables and IoT devices, and single-aperture lidar–radar fusion for autonomous vehicle navigation. Metal meshes can also be patterned to redirect radio waves in the millimeter wave range. Nanoweb® can be applied in most surfaces and without spoiling the surface’s appearance, to improve the communication environment. The talk will also focus on how metasurfaces made from Nanoweb® are manufactured and present some promising designs for improved 5G communications.