Beyond the Human Eye: How Utilizing Subsurface Data Can Advance the ADAS/AV Industry

GPR is the first and only company using ground penetrating radar technology for automated vehicle navigation. The company’s Ground Positioning Radar tracks and maps the Earth’s subsurface, creating a map that pinpoints vehicles within centimeter-level accuracy in any condition.
GPR’s technology provides critical insights for vehicles beyond what the human eye can see, regardless of weather, clear lane markings, or GPS
availability. Tarik will lead a dynamic discussion diving deep into the GPR technology that the world’s leading OEMs are currently piloting, and will explain how the technology not only helps the AV/ADAS industry, but can enhance the mining/construction, warehousing, and agricultural fields.
Audience members will learn about:

  • How GPR uses radar technology to scan the earth’s subsurface
  • Critical driving scenarios where current sensing technologies and
    humans often fail, and how to overcome them, including during
    times of sun glare, snow, rain, dirt, fog, ice, faded lane markings,
    and in garages and tunnels with low GPS service
  • How the industry can collectively increase consumer confidence in
    AV and ADAS systems
  • Tarik’s predictions on the future of autonomy