Faster PCB Sign-off by Detecting SI/PI Issues Early in the Design Process

With the ongoing push to higher-speed and higher-density PCBs designers must improve their understanding of the flow of signals and power throughout the entire board to inform their core responsibilities of developing routing, placement, and layer stack-up strategies.

Although your organization may have a dedicated SI/PI team to validate signal integrity and power integrity, SI/PI experts talk in the language of mV, Ω, and Amps, whereas design engineers think in of mils, length, spacing. This presents a communication problem and a process inefficiency. Many iterations could be avoided if only the ECAD engineers had the ability to identify and resolve basic issues for themselves.

Learn how Altair PollEx can import any native ECAD format and provide designers with easy-to-use SI/PI screening tools that reduce design loops, increase collaboration, and improve board quality.