Numerical Modeling for Signal Integrity Validation in High-Speed Communication Devices

The rapidly increasing bandwidth used in the next generation of communication and computational platforms inevitably imposes stringent requirements on the signal integrity and power integrity (SI/PI) of a system. Proper diagnosis of the SI/PI usually requires sophisticated experiments and testing devices. In this workshop we will discuss how performing numerical simulations can improve your work and even replace conventionally labor-intensive tasks. We will showcase the advantages of numerical modeling by demonstrating how to:

  • Perform an S-parameter analysis of a conventional mmWave circuit and connectors
  • Model a high-Q resonator
  • Perform time-domain reflectometry (TDR)
  • Convert a computational domain from the time domain to the frequency domain using the fast Fourier transform (FFT)

We will also go over the benefits of using multiphysics couplings. This includes a brief discussion on electromagnetic heating.