Cherie L. Litson, MIT CID/CID+

Cherie L. Litson is the principal in Litson1 Consulting; since 2003, one of four active Master Instructor Trainers (MIT) in the US for the IPC CID and CID+; and a part time Instructor for Basic Electronics at the Everett Community College, Everett, WA.

I established Litson1 Consulting in 2008. This allowed me to support multiple small, medium, and large-scale companies with PCB Designer projects and write articles on targeted PCB subjects in multiple venues. I have developed and presented independent, targeted educational programs for engineering staff, non-technical personnel, local community colleges, and overseas clients.

My experience in the medical, aviation, and commercial sectors have given me a broad perspective of the PCB industry. I delight in finding new ways to develop products while staying grounded in the basic concepts of physics and the capabilities of the “Real world” at the current moment.