Craig Armiento

Craig Armiento is the Co-Director of the Raytheon UMass Lowell Research Institute (RURI) and the Director of the Printed Electronics Research Collaborative (PERC).  He served as ECE Department Chair from 2005-2011. Prior to coming to UMass Lowell in 2003, Prof. Armiento had over twenty years of industrial R&D experience. He led research projects at GTE Laboratories (now Verizon) on projects including Fiber-to-the-Home (now FiOS), optoelectronic hybrid integration, III-V device fabrication, GaAs ICs, semiconductor lasers and avalanche photodiodes. He also was Director of Optical Networking at Lightchip Optical Networks Inc. and was a researcher at M.I.T. Lincoln laboratory. Prof. Armiento has over 100 publications and presentations and 18 U.S. patents.His Ph.D and MS degrees are from MIT and his BSEE from Manhattan College.