Dr. Amarpal Khanna

Dr. Amarpal Khanna is a Life Fellow IEEE. Till recently he was a distinguished engineer at NI involved in the development of Radar and Lidar Test solutions. Paul was instrumental in advancing NI’s capabilities in microwaves, mmW and Optics technologies particularly for applications in automotive RADAR, LiDAR and 5G test solutions. He has also overseen the R&D of components and custom sub-assemblies up to 110 GHz for applications in instrumentation, telecommunication, and military markets. Prior to NI, Paul has held several leadership positions at Loral, Avantek, HP/Agilent, Teledyne and at Phase Matrix.

He received B.Sc. in Electronics & Electrical Communications from Punjab University (Chandigarh, India) and M.S. and PhD degrees in Microwave & Optical Communications from the University of Limoges (Limoges, France).

Dr. Khanna was the General chair of the IEEE IMS conference in 2016 and has been the leader of several IEEE MTT sub-committees, both technical and organizational. He has more than 60 papers in peer reviewed journals and conferences, 7 US patents, and many contributions as a teacher, mentor, and organizer.