Today, thousands of engineers are making a career out of managing and improving signal integrity. But 30 years ago, a small, merry band of engineers traveled around Europe and North America in an effort to convince other engineers and managers that in the near future, the integrity of the signal in their designs would be at risk. The days of laying down a transmission line on a PCB without consideration to its effects would eventually come to an end, they argued, and the need for exacting material science would be critical to success.

Join us in a journey from the earliest days of signal integrity engineering and rocket through to the issues facing today’s engineers and the possible solutions on the horizon. This presentation includes its own merry band of SI aficionados. This trip through time is led by our intrepid host, Eric Bogatin, who was part of that initial band, and still carries the torch as a professor at UC Denver and technical editor of SIJ. He is joined by: Donald Telian, Todd Westerhoff, Scott McMorrow, and Larry Smith, who share their insights.